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We welcome TEAM-Leaders from USA

Hello, I am Nor

I am a boy - of 12 years - from Oslo in Norway. The 1st September this year, I did say: NO to PCR-testing, as the only one at my school - Mellom Nes skole. Then - unexpectedly - a new chapter of my life opened up! I am now fighting for the right of all children in Norway - and in the rest of the world - to freely choose to say YES - or NO - to PCR-tests and Experimetal mRNA-"Vaccine". This also include the freedom to say: NO to face masks and other limitations.


Fiona is TEAM-Leader

Fearless Fiona Lashells - 8 years - was suspended 36 times from school for not wearing a mask.

November 3rd, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, went on Fox News with Fiona, a second-grade student from his state who has bravely spoken out against her school’s mask mandate.

I welcome, Fiona Lashells as First TEAM-Leader for the project: It's Cool to say no - outside of Norway. Best, Nor

Lille Leaguer

This spot's waiting for YOU.

We are looking for TEAM-Leader's in USA -

as a leader for your class at you school.

Bring 1 - 3 TEAM-Pioneers into your TEAM

for meetings in afternoons or weekends.

Ask your parents to serve healthy food and drinks - go online to look for information - discuss and share. You will soon become experts. You can also arrange small demonstrations etc. All good luck. Best, Nor

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