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Children in Norway support children in Australia. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Children in Norway - Parents and Grandparents - are following the development in Australia.

We feel with children of Australia - and we hope -  that the situation "Down Under" will soon improve ...and return to the way it used to be!

Løper i Sydney

We follow the development...

We are looking for a brave...

...first TEAM-Leader from Victoria in Australia.

We are looking for the first child - or youth - with the courage to stand up and say: NO

to PCR-tests and Experimental"vaccination"

...of all children and youngsters!

I want to be TEAM-Leader

I agree to the following goals:

  • "Do not vaccinate children"

  • Say: No to unneccesary PCR-test


I will to try to engage 1 - 3 classmates to work with me to promote and develop the project:

It's Cool to say no - as TEAM-Leader for my class, at my school, in my home place/town.

Thank you! I will be back to you soon. Best regards, Nor

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